There Is No Asset Better Than Loyal Employees

“There Is No Asset Better Than Loyal Employees” We take this proud moment to Honor Mr.Mohammad Yaqoob ABE-514 for extending his sincere, dedicated long employment service of 17 years with ABIS group of companies . We honor Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob for the part that he has played in our success growth, maintaining our performance standards and commitment to excellence that made ABIS competent enough in the current market. We do believe that “there is no asset better than loyal employees” we also know that “achievement and success aren’t by accident”. Breakthroughs come after spending what seem like hours and years of hard work and contributing efforts with full willingness. We hope and wish him a great life ahead, the company will always be thankful to him for the efforts and time which he has put here to let us grow . ABIS values good people like him–we genuinely care about him and appreciate his contributions.


The Annual Iftar Ceremony For Al Barrak Group 2016/1437

AlBarrak Group of companies led by ABIS has thrown the annual ceremony which has been usually hosted at the holy month of Ramadan, so that the management meets with the employees, share Iftar table with them and honor outstanding and hardworking employees.


The ceremony began with the recitation of the holy Quran by : Ibraheem AlReshidan, Followed by the Group CEO Mr.Abdullah bin AbdulWahab Al-Barrak directive word which brought many important messages. After welcoming the audience and congratulates them about the presence of the holy month, He noted the importance of cooperation, solidarity and correlation among all the companies within Al-Barrak Group, he motivated the employees and stimulated them to continue their hardworking and offering more in the future.


Then the group CFO Mr.Farid Abu Alshaikh has spoken, he talked about the future status of the company where there will be a restructuring and merging for some subordinate companies, Finding more economic solutions, Searching for outstanding creative ideas, Hierarchy Fixing for cash flows, Focusing on the productive departments and make a new strategic alliances on different projects.


After that the Finance manager Mr.Sami Almurcy talked about the challenges that faced the company, and the extra effort that was exerted with the help of all departments to overcome these challenges and difficulties.


Followed by the word of the HR & Admin Manager Mr. Barjas Abdulaziz Al Nasser, which introduces the vision and the strategy of the company that have been developed to be accomplished by 2017.

Which is as Follows:

  • Creating a typical work environment that is suitable for the employee in terms of providing the following:
  • Open and provide more communication channels between the departments and the employees and among deferent departments.
  • Distribution of tasks and authorities appropriately for both managers and employees.
  • Clarify the objectives and the required actions from each section and introducing a specific time frame that is suitable for implementation.
  • Engage the employee in this developments by receiving any suggestions on the below e-mail
  • Improve the mechanism of the employee annual performance evaluation.
  • Informing the employee about all the news and developments in the company regarding its decisions and regulations.
  • Development of resources and human elements:
  • As the company is in the process of creating a training center that offers staff training and development for its employees.
  • Improve and develop the services provided for the employee,

which means :

  • Improve the currently used system for better utilize of the services within shorter time.
  • Improve the work mechanism for many departments and facilitate procedures.

After that, an introductory film displayed which was about the company and the inauguration of the new website.

Then there was honoring for the employees who have completed five years in the company, distinguishing employees, the best company among AlBarrak group and the best department.


ABIS has got the prize for the best company among AlBarrak group.


The human resources and administration department of ABIS as the best services department, and the plant services department of ABIS as the best operational department.


Mr. Ahmed Al-shazly (Sr. site administrator) for the plant services and Mr. Furqan Khan the plant services (acting manager) have awarded for the best ABIS employees (shared).


And the Sr. operation manager Mr.Gassan Fakhruldden and human recourses & admin in-charge Ms.Hanouf Alqahtani have awarded for the best BISCAT employees (shared).


And the operation manager Eng. Ahmad alghareeb has awarded for the best ABICON employee.

At the end of the ceremony, there was a competition and a prizes draw for the audience.

In conclusion, ABIS management represented by CEO wish for further successes for their employees and would like to thank all the attendance. Hoping from Allah to accept from all their well doing in this holy month and gather us in the next year ceremony.

Integrated Company for Industrial Gases (IIG) is involved in the manufacturing and steel exhibition in the city of Riyadh. (1 May, 2016)


Participated one of Al-Barrak Group of Companies (IIG), within the manufacturing and steel exhibition held in Riyadh from 01/05/2016 till 05/04/2016.

Mr. / Barjas  Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, Director of Administration and Human Resources of the group visited the pavilion and  the Department of Industrial Equipment. Mr. Barjas impressed with equipment and the contents of the pavilion and thanked the team on behalf of the CEO and group’s staff wished them success and continuity of the highest level of standard in the future as well.

Some souvenir photos of the visit:






Honoring Mr. Abdullah Abdulwahab Al-Barrak the CEO of ABIS Group of companies,.


The royal prince / Saud Naif Al- Saud the prince of Eastern area honored Mr. AbdullahAbdulwahab Al-Barrak, including Patients Friends Committee on Tuesday 12/04/2016 for his generous support and contribution for patients and those who were in need. We ask Allah Almighty to make it in the balance of his good deeds and that God sustains the health and wellness and to help him further, God willing.


Barrak Holding Company signed contract with Marriott international

This is to inform you that Barrak Holding Company signed contract with Marriott international in Dubai dated 09/04/2015 to manage the hotel in Jubail city under the name of Courtyard b Marriott and Residence.

This project comes within Barrak Holding Company in the field of tourism and real estate investment plan.

The hotel has (Courtyard by Marriott)  175 different room (single, Double and Suite) as well as 75 apartments (The Residence) the size of investment up to 150 million Saudi Riyal and the opening date will be on January 2018.

Marriott international hotel also praised the sustainable partnership with Barrak holding company to work together in future projects in Yanbu and outside Ksa.

Mr. Abdullah Al Barrak, CEO of Al Barrak holding company has said that this project is the flagship of Al Barrak holding company in the field of tourism and real estate investment in Jubail also that this project provides job opportunities for Saudis at a rate of 100 jobs and that there is a plan for more tourism and real estate investment inside and outside the kingdom.

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Polycarbonate sheet factory in Jubail

Al Barrak company established one polycarbonate factory in Jubail and our target is to develop and manufacture the polycarbonate sheets in high quality and profession with good prices and this will positive for the Saudi market now and in the future especially that most of the products now deepened on the polycarbonate.


This project is familiar with the environment and one of the most developed projects, knowing that he is depend to recycling the polycarbonate and manufacture it as sheets or boards that used in many divisions.


This project will add around 60 opportunity of work for Saudi and will cover around 50% of the local market.


First phase of the project will be on the first of April 2016 and the start date will be on October 2016, knowing that this factory located in Jubail.




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Abdullah A. Al-Barrak & Sons Co. opened its Branch for Real Estate and properties in Leicester City, United Kingdom

Abdullah A. Al-Barrak & Sons Co. opened its Branch for Real Estate and properties in Leicester City, United Kingdom represented by Mr. Abdu Mansoor. ( (Mobile No. 00447579443206) Archiving a dissertation help service message does not remove it forever, it only moves it out of your inbox and places it in your account.